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James Hardie is a brand known for quality, durability and low maintenance in every product. Browse through our range of James Hardie products below, and for further information, give us a call.

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versatile building products james hardie eaves


What is it?

A durable, low-maintenance eaves lining produced in special widths making it easier to incorporate into home designs, providing a traditional panelled look.  

Where do you use it?

To line exterior eaves and soffits.  

What are the key benefits?

  • 4.5mm thick, square edged sheets
  • Usually joined with a PVC joining strip
  • Economical

Ideal for bushfire areas. However, refer to relevant council and code for suitability.  

What is it?

A tough, hard-wearing, low-maintenance flat sheet that makes it easy to achieve a smooth, painted finish.

versatile building products james hardie external cladding

External Cladding

Where do you use it?

As an eaves lining, external wall cladding, veranda and carport lining.

What are the key benefits?

  • Light and easy to work with
  • Easily fixed to timber or metal frames
  • Long life, low maintenance
  • Easily joined
  • Quickly painted
versatile building products james hardie internal cladding

Internal Cladding

What is it?

A flat internal wall lining that provides an excellent foundation for a durable, impact-resistant, professional finish that is resistant to moisture damage*. The lining can be painted, wallpapered or tiled to create or complement a wide range of design looks.

Where do you use it?

Its high-impact resistance makes it suitable for high-traffic areas in both residential and commercial applications. The moisture resistant properties make it suitable for wet area linings in bathrooms, laundries and kitchens.

What are the key benefits?

  • Able to resist damage from steam and moisture when installed and maintained correctly, and is ideal for use in bathrooms, laundries, or any other steamy, wet areas
  • An excellent substrate for tiling and performs well with painted or wallpapered finishes
  • High-impact resistance makes it ideal for high-traffic, damage-prone areas, for example, hallways, rumpus rooms and kids’ bedrooms
  • Ideal when used as a seamless soffit
  • Available in 6mm, 9mm or 12mm thicknesses with recessed edge, along the two sheet sides for flush jointing
  • Can be used to achieve bracing requirements
  • Excellent tile adhesion and less paint required for painted finishes
versatile building products james hardie facade systems

Façade Systems

What is it?

An express jointed facade system that is pre-sealed to accept a variety of decorative finishes.  

Where do you use it?

As an external wall cladding in commercial and residential applications requiring a panelled look. ExoTec® facade panel and fixing system can be used in a full wrap panel design and/or as a composite cladding, i.e. used in conjunction with other cladding materials.  

What are the key benefits?

  • Pre-sealed on all six sides means it’s more stable and durable
  • Manufactured from high-density cement reinforced with cellulose fibre
  • Strong and rigid with a smooth, dense sheet surface
  • Fast to install
  • Accepts a wide variety of applied finishes, including site-applied textures and factory finishes
  • Improved stability for a wide range of panel finishes
  • A panel with improved moisture resistance
  • A panel that is easier to paint


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