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Rondo building products in Perth

The Rondo range of products makes building projects hassle-free with ease of use and clever design. Take a look through the Rondo range available at Versatile Building Products, and if you’d like to know more, get in touch.

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versatile building products rondo key lock and exangle

Key Lock & Exangle

Rondo EXANGLE range of finishing sections for drywall applications are manufactured to assist contractors in obtaining a strong, straight, knock-resistant corner with a superior finish that lasts.

Rondo KEY-LOCK Suspended System enables the mixing of primary and secondary components (top cross rail, furring channel and batten) in order to increase spans and suspension fixing points and maximise structural design in suspended ceilings.

versatile building products rondo duo


Rondo DUO Exposed Ceiling Grid System consists of 24mm wide steel Main and Cross-tees, together with a range of complementary components to support acoustic and plasterboard ceiling tiles in non-fire rated environments.
versatile building products rondo stud and track

Stud & Track

Rondo Steel Stud and Track section is a lightweight internal wall framing system which complies with relevant Building Codes for fire-rated, acoustic and load bearing requirements.

These components provide smooth, durable, non-combustible systems that can achieve a variety of acoustic and fire performance ratings.

versatile building products rondo access panel and pvc beads

Access Panel & PVC Beads

Rondo Access Panels are designed for internal installation in both stud and masonry walls and suspended ceiling systems. Their prime purpose is to provide access for maintenance and adjustment of services within.

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